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ResPIRE research making waves

A recent ResPIRE systematic review and meta analysis has attracted significant attention from journals, healthcare policy makers and media outlets in the UK and the USA

The review, recently published in the journal Chest in July 2019, was led by Carla Gordon and Dr. Christian Osadnik and examined the effect of pulmonary rehabilitation on symptoms of anxiety and depression in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It found convincing evidence supporting pulmonary rehabilitation as an effective treatment to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression of a magnitude considered to be clinically meaningful. A link to the published article in Chest is available here.

This review subsequently formed the basis of a recent ‘Signal’ by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). NIHR Signals are “timely summaries of the most important research” and topics chosen according to high-quality design and relevance to UK decision makers. Link to the Signal is here.

The review has proven a popular topic for podcast discussion, with interviews conducted for the journal Chest (here), as well as medical media outlets such as Healio Pulmonology (here) and Pulmonology Consultant (here) in the USA.

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