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10 commandments for a healthy lab

How do we optimise outcomes within a great team?

In ResPTlab, we feel it has a lot to do with a clear vision, respect, appreciation of individual differences, and a culture that fosters personal growth irrespective of one’s experience. This involves excellence from established leaders and support for members in the earlier stages of their professional careers.

The following ‘model rules for running a healthy laboratory’ were recently published by Fernando T. Maestre in Plos Computational Biology and closely align with our values. Link to full article at the bottom of the 10 rules:

Rule 1: Promote the well-being of your lab members
Rule 2: Let people set their own schedules
Rule 3: Gratitude is the sign of noble souls
Rule 4: Treat your lab members as your teammates
Rule 5: Create a collaborative environment within your lab
Rule 6: Remember that every lab member is unique
Rule 7: Respect working hours, public holidays, and vacations
Rule 8: Give credit where credit is due
Rule 9: Destigmatize failure and celebrate success
Rule 10: Promote the professional development of your lab members

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