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Alethea Kavanagh

Ale is a senior clinical physiotherapist and early career researcher with over 12 years experience managing patients with a range of chronic diseases. Ale has particular interests in the ways that physiotherapists can help improve the care and outcomes of patients affected by acute medical illnesses such as those with neuromuscular disease, bronchiectasis and COPD.

Ale has published 3 research papers and completed her Masters of Philosophy in 2020 on the topic of functional maintenance programs for acutely hospitalised older adults. Ale was the recipient of a Felice Rosemary Lloyd Trust project grant from the Australian Physiotherapy Association as well as a Monash Health Emerging Researcher Fellowship in 2015.

While Ale has a strong background in acute public healthcare, she now divides her time between a clinical caseload in the private practice respiratory care setting as well as ongoing research fellow involvement in several projects at Monash University Department of Physiotherapy. Ale has supported several student physiotherapy projects and continues to support clinically relevant research across many areas of respiratory physiotherapy.